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We have been using a Buy-Sell system that has allowed many families to purchase their very own Dream Home even with credit or income problems.


This Buy-Sell System is Designed to:

  1. Work with credit challenged buyers to provide owner financing or one of our challenged credit loan programs.

  2. Have hand selected licensed professionals:  Mortgage Broker, and Title Agent involved in all transactions to insure proper contracts, financing, disclosures and closing procedures.

  3. Utilize our combined 30 years of experience in helping challenged credit borrowers purchase their dream home. That experience along with little known lending sources and programs we have developed over the years, allow us to work with buyers most lenders and Banks would normally turn down.

  4. Work fair and fully disclosed transactions for everyone involved.

Buyers are never in shortage because of the special financing we offer. 

We specialize in buying homes for CASH that we can seller finance to buyers who can not qualify for a regular loan.  More than 80% of Americans have problem credit. While I can't get everyone, I most likely can help most buyers buy one of my homes.  We buy homes at up to 95% of its value and  finance it to a problem credit buyer at a small profit.  The buyer gets the home at a price they can afford, with payments that work great for their budget.  You sell your home to us at a fair price without any hassles.

  There's no risk; there's no obligation.  We don't use hard sell techniques.  We will explain our program and offer up to 95% of the full market value for your home, if you like what we have to offer, great.  If not, we will part as friends.


We have made our goal to understand and work with problem credit buyers and their needs with the purpose of helping then own a home. I have learned that most credit problem are older problems and a thing of the past. But once a credit problem occurs, the borrower ends up "paying" for it for years. We stop that cycle COLD! If a buyer feels ready to own their own home instead of paying off your landlords rental unit, then I can help them achieve the American Dream, with secure home ownership by purchasing your home for cash and  finance it to them at a small profit.

All seller loans are paid off at closing. Fair interest rates and terms are provided to our buyers. Interest rates from 6.5%-8.5% are possible even with extremely low credit scores and problem credit history.

What type of homes are we looking for?

We are looking for all types of single and multi-family homes. Your home does not have to be in perfect condition. With your property, we structure several options, and let you choose the one that best suits your needs.

How Does Our Program Work?

Simply fill-out the
. One of our representatives will contact you to begin discussing your options in complete confidentiality. 

If you are ready to sell your house fast, click on the online sellers form below! Your will be contacted ASAP. There is no obligation to sell if your are not satisfied with our offer.

Why does our program work where others fail?

We are not looking to get rich off your house.  We work on smaller profit margins and that means more money to you.  Most investors are trying to steal your home.  This is how we are different.  We listen to your situation and make a sensible plan that is beneficial to all parties involved.  We never offer you less than 90% of the homes Full Market Value (FMV).  We like to buy homes that we can later sell to a buyer thus creating a nice return on our investment. 

Who can benefit from our services?

Anyone who is going through any of the following problems:

Maybe you have just got transferred, lost your job, had a death in the family or the house is just not big enough, Lots of reasons people want to sell their homes. We want to be part of that solution.

Now take the next step and complete our sellers application We look forward to working with you.

Donna Fontaine:  Real Estate Investor
PO BOX 172172
Miami, Florida,33161