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Do not submit application unless you have all required documentation  and can submit via email.

Please complete and submit this application once for borrower and once for co-borrower. 
Examples of Documentation That May Be Required In Determination of Eligibility for Loan.

Photo Copies of Driver's Licenses or Picture ID's

Most recent YTD paystub documenting 1 full month earnings and employers contact information to verify current employment

Most recent 2 years W-2(s) or 1099(s) to verify current and previous employment

Most recent Rent receipts and contact information of landlord if renting.leasing, etc.

If you receive commission income greater than 25% of your annual income, most recent 2 years signed individual federal income tax returns and business expenses

If applicable, provide an explanation for employment gaps greater than 30 days.

If using alimony/child support income to qualify, most recent 3 months bank statements or cancelled checks or court payment record and evidence of 3 year continuance.

Reserves: Verification all reserves. Good rule of thumb have 3 months mortgage payments in reserve.

Depository Accounts: Most recent 2 months statement(s) showing previous month's balance, or 3 months statement(s) for each account to verify sufficient funds required.

Include all debts from credit report, alimony, child support, separate maintenance, negative rent, mortgage debt, installment debt paid through payroll deduction and all other debt in ratios.

Self Employed Borrower(s) may be required to provide additional documentation such as tax returns and financial statements.

Borrower(s) with Social Security Income may be required to provide Award Letter stating the amount of income received.

If employed in current position for less than two years or if currently employed in more than one position, complete the following: